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Welcome to Good Tales For Bad Dreams, a short-fiction series of re-imagined fairy tales. Each story is set in a different time and place. Some will be familiar, others will not. So, strip bare your assumptions, open your mind and see these tales told like never before.

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Barney's Choice

Barney's Choice - Stanislava D. Kohut This short by Stanislava Kohut is an interesting little gem. I found myself quite enjoying this little tale, to the point where I was a little disappointed when it was over.

Kohut displays a good author's ability to pull her reader into the story with warm, inviting characters and a good hook. This story would be of interest to sci-fi fans of Apollo 18, Mission to Mars or Instellar.

The piece starts off well and before long I was quickly flipping pages because the build up was enticing. At the turning point, when Barney has his encounter, is where this tale will be divisive to some readers. Kohut makes this story more about the characters than the science and favours the heart over the head. This is not a bad thing, as stories need to revolve around people, however some fans wishing for more hard science may need to look elsewhere.

All in all, I'd say this was an intriguing short and I'd happily pick up anything else this author has to offer.